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1.As a member you are responsible for paying periodic membership fees in accordance with the current fee plans as of the date of subscribing. Until such time as this Agreement is terminated in accordance with its provisions, Subscriber agrees to pay his/her subscription fee by credit card (or other approved facility or mechanism), and hereby authorizes our billing companie(s) to charge Subscriber's credit card (or other approved facility or mechanism) for the ongoing subscription fee, and for any and all purchases or products and/or services purchased by Subscriber from the Service.

2.Subscriber agrees to immediately inform our billing companie(s) of any of the following changes in his/her credit card account: Change in home or billing address; card loss or theft, or unauthorized usage of the card; apparent breach of security of Subscriber ID or password, such that unauthorized access to the Service via the card is possible. Unless Subscriber gives proper notice toKalee Carroll of same, Subscriber will remain liable to Kalee Carroll for any and all charges for unauthorized use of the Service.

3.Subscriber's subscription to the service will be automatically renewed as stated below upon expiration of the initial term, unless Alertpay.com is notified. Monthly memberships renew at the monthly rate if the subscriber has not cancelled 7 days prior to expiration. Membership can be cancelled at any time via email or via the link provided in your confirmation email.

4.User names and passwords must not be distributed to others. This will result in immediate termination of service.

5.We have the right to refuse membership or cancel membership at any time for any reason.

6.The material on the Service is for the private, non-commercial enjoyment of Subscribers only. Any other use is prohibited.

7.Subscribers agree not to engage in advertising to, or solicitation of other Subscribers to buy or sell any products or services through the Service without prior written consent. Subscribers are responsible for information they send, or display through the Service even if a claim should arise after termination of service.

8.No warranty is made by us regarding any information, services, or products provided through or in connection with the Service, and we hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation.

9.By enrolling for membership to our Site , you become a Subscriber and agree to be bound by this Agreement This agreement is subject to change by us at any time, and changes are effective upon notice to each Subscriber.

10.Subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Kalee Carroll, her officers, directors, managers, members, agents and employees from any claims, losses, liabilities or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of Subscriber's breach of any term, condition or promise contained herein. Should any such claim for indemnification arise, or should any action be brought by Subscriber or Kalee Carroll. relating to any services or products offered by or through the Service, Subscriber agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts.

11.All questions should be emailed to sexxiebebe@hotmail.com.

12.By accepting membership to sexxiebebe.com, the subscriber agrees that it may recieve from time to time, email communications from sexxiebebe.com, or it's affiliated partner sites promoting or advertising other websites. These communications shall be deemed to be opt-in email communications by virtue of the subscriber joining this site.

13.This Agreement sets forth the full and complete understanding between Subscriber and Kalee Carroll. with respect to its subject matter, and supersedes all prior understanding or agreements, whether written or verbal. This Agreement may be modified upon notice by Kalee Carroll to its Subscribers. Unless contrary to law or otherwise stated, each provision of this Agreement shall survive termination. The prevailing party in any suit to enforce the terms hereof shall be entitled to recover his/her/its reasonable attorneys' fees.

14. Refunds are not supported due to the nature of this service.

15. All Material is Copyright Protected and shall NOT be posted anywhere other than sites owned by Kalee Carroll or Paul Ellison